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Hello and welcome to VeronicaVer Illustrator site! 

Here you will find illustrations suitable for children and adults. Characters with personality, inspiring scenes, and enjoyable artwork.

Two styles, vector and raster artwork. Raster style is featured by colour gradients and a softer finish. Vector looks in flat colours and a sharper finish. 

Passion for telling stories through the illustrations, teaching something valuable, energize the imagination. Delighted to put a smile with a sweet pattern design in someone's life.

What would you like to see now?

Exclusive Pattern

Interested in licencing pattern design? 

Designs are available to purchase online with a commercial licence.


Enjoy regular new additions, designs sold by colourway.

Two different styles, raster and vector.


Buy at your pace:

  • instant purchase

  • manage your account

  • plan your collection.

Do you like to offer exclusivity to your clients, get in contact!

I will develop a design or collection for you. 

Would you like some coloring pages?

Add a touch to your customer's order, or get them for your little ones.

lets coloring_KIDS ACTIVITIES_VeronicaVer.jpg
connect the dots_KIDS ACTIVITIES_VeronicaVer.jpg
colour by number_KIDS ACTIVITIES_VeronicaVer.jpg

Click the image to download and print. Hope you have a wonderful time.



Thanks you for joining!

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