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VeronicaVer is run by Veronica Ortega, a Spanish illustrator based in London for more than a decade. Nature lover and crazy for traveling.


"A career in arts was a natural path for me to take. Sketching and drawing with a pencil or charcoal has been a big part of my life, probably that is the reason for my trace showing off in most of my artwork. Colours have an awesome meaning to me, I consider them highly powerful, and I treat them in harmony with the intention of the artwork, the essence of its purpose.

I thrive on evoking smiles and joy. A positive world where diversity, empathy, and connection fit. Nature, open spaces, and scenes of regular life are what inspires me the most, and it gets represented in a cartoony style.

I worked for a wholesale company for several years, and I am honored to have seen my work on tv, in the most trendy shops in Madrid, and in little delightful boutiques around Spain. Carrefour and El Corte Ingles were the biggest retailers I have seen my work in.

My work is created digitally in two styles, raster image and vector.

I drive for building good relationships and I believe communication is the key."


Ver is her actual artwork’s signature. She can be found online as VeronicaVer on different platforms, and you can hire her services by direct contact or on freelance marketplaces like Upwork. Do not hesitate to get in contact, she would be glad to hear from you.

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