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Whether you are looking for an illustration to go with your poem, the images for that book you have written, or a design to get your product finished we will take care of the last detail.
Open and friendly, contact to discuss your project.
Select your area of interest or scroll down.

Picture books


We work out your characters and the essence of your story with full colour illustrations and/or black and white depending on the needs of your book.

How we do it?


Let me know your story, your highlighted points. We will start with sketches to be sent to you for review.


Once sketches are approved, we will continue by developing coloured samples.

3.Final artwork

Once seen and approved the colour line, full detailed illustration is developed.


Final stage! Artwork is ready for delivery.

Downloadable high resolution images apt to printable requests by just a click.

Do you need help to give shape to your book?

Yes, it is possible to help formatting your book.



Would you like to get a personalized touch in your emails, website, blog or app?

Line art, black and white or full colour doodles to describe your concept. 

Surface design


Do you need a pattern design?

Visit the shop! Instant purchase.

Are you looking for an exclusive pattern design?

Creation of seamless repeat pattern design to apply on textile, paper, or any project you have in hand.

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

Veronica is a great creative who listens and understand your needs quickly. I have worked with her several times and I would definitely recommend her.

Mónica, Mon Pharma.

Veronica has a natural talent for drawing and a comercial vision. My clients love her creations.

Luis, Distrifashion.

Easy to talk to, punctual to deliver the artwork and happy with the result! Her artwork is full of happiness.


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